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Hoenig, M. C.; Bischof, G. N.; Seemiller, J.; Hammes, J.; Kukolja, J.; Onur, Ö. A.; Jessen, F.; Fliessbach, K.; Neumaier, B.; Fink, G. R.; van Eimeren, T.; Drzezga, A. Networks of Tau Distribution in Alzheimer’s Disease. Brain 2018141 (2), 568–581.

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Dietlein, M.; Kobe, C.; Kuhnert, G.; Stockter, S.; Fischer, T.; Schomäcker, K.; Schmidt, M.; Dietlein, F.; Zlatopolskiy, B. D.; Krapf, P.; Richarz, R.; Neubauer, S.; Drzezga, A.; Neumaier, B. Comparison of [18F]DCFPyL and [68Ga]Ga-PSMA-HBED-CC for PSMA-PET Imaging in Patients with Relapsed Prostate Cancer. Mol Imaging Biol 201517 (4), 575–584.

Zlatopolskiy, B. D.; Zischler, J.; Krapf, P.; Zarrad, F.; Urusova, E. A.; Kordys, E.; Endepols, H.; Neumaier, B. Copper-Mediated Aromatic Radiofluorination Revisited: Efficient Production of PET Tracers on a Preparative Scale. Chemistry – A European Journal 2015,21 (15), 5972–5979.

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